Suzuki South Africa Sponsors KEEP

Suzuki South Africa has generously awarded KEEP two Suzuki Vitaras! As a growing research project, these vehicles are incredibly valuable and are essential for getting to study sites within the 110 000 ha Tswalu Kalahari Reserve.

The Kalahari Endangered Ecosystem Project (KEEP) is a multi-institution collaborative research project based at Tswalu Kalahari (Northern Cape, South Africa), which aims to address how vulnerable Kalahari species are to climate change. Using a multi-taxa approach, KEEP integrates data from plants, insects birds, reptiles, and mammals to understand how the Kalahari community functions and the changes that are likely to occur in association with a warming climate.

The project will be led by Professor Andrea Fuller and Professor Graham Alexander from the University of the Witwatersrand. The core collaborative team includes Dr Bryan Maritz (UWC), Dr Robin Maritz (UWC), Dr Rob Thomson (UCT), Wendy Panaino (Wits), Dr Marcus Byrne (Wits), Dr Duncan MacFadyen (Oppenheimer Generations), Dylan Smith (Tswalu Foundation), Prof Leith Meyer (UP), Prof Leslie Brown (UNISA), Dr Nico Avenant (NatMus).

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