Lab Members

B. Maritz

Dr Bryan Maritz

Principal Investigator, Senior Lecturer

R. Maritz

Dr Robin Maritz

Research Fellow

Analysing the trophic interactions of southern African snakes

J. Barends

Jody Barends

PhD student

Examining the behaviour, ecology, and natural history of the rhombic egg-eater (Dasypeltis scabra)

T. Beck

Thilo Beck

PhD student (Wits)
co-supervised with Graham Alexander

Studying the thermal biology and activity patterns of cape cobras Naja nivea at Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

R. Mohamed

Riaaz Mohamed

PhD student

Assessing the impacts of global change on reptile populations in southern Africa

K. Scholtz

Kim Scholtz

PhD student

Ecology of the cape cobra (Naja nivea) at Tswalu Kalahari Reserve

M. Arendse

Matthew Arendse

MSc student

Investigating the demographics of mole snake (Pseudsaspis cana) populations in the greater Cape Town area

E. Buckley

Emma Buckley

MSc student

Reptile community responses to an avian ecosystem engineer

B. Cloete

Bryan Cloete

MSc student

Exploring the impact of snake predator and prey abundance and diversity on snake community structure at Koeberg Nature Reserve

R. van Huyssteen

Ryan van Huyssteen

MA student

Investigating the community structure and biogeography of reptiles in the Soutpansberg region, Northern Limpopo

K. vanWyk

Kurt van Wyk

MSc student

Reptile community responses to historical land transformation in south-eastern Zimbabwe

Dahraan Du Toit

Honours student

Diets of the enigmatic African garter snakes (Elapsoidea)

Chandler Patel

Honours student

The effect of drought on the body condition of Psammophis crucifer and Psammophylax rhombeatus

Lab Alumni and Submitted Theses:

Kim Scholtz (2022) MSc. “Using faecal DNA to investigate the diet of the snakes, Psammophis crucifer and Psammophylax rhombeatus.”
Ielhaam Bassier (2022) MSc. “The diet and feeding ecology of the brown house snake, Boaedon capensis.”
Emma Buckley (2021) BSc Honours. “Diet evolution in lamprophiid snakes.”
Perfect Dhlamini (2020 & 2021). Research Assistant.
Silindokuhle Tokota
 (2021) MSc. “Quantifying competition in two co-occurring southern African Psammophiinae snakes Psammophis crucifer and Psammophylax r. rhombeatus.”
Janine Greuel (2020) MSc. “Foraging ecology of Naja nivea and Dispholidus typus.”
Ayesha Jones (2020) BSc Honours. “The effect of drought on the body condition of Psammophis crucifer and Psammophylax rhombeatus.”
Byron Smith (2020) BSc Honours. “Movement patterns of boomslang (Dispholidus typus) in the Kalahari.”
Aadam Rawoot (2019) BSc Honours. “Consumption of centipedes (Arthropoda: Chilopoda) by snakes: A review and case study of the black-headed centipede-eater (Aparallactus capensis).”
Ayesha Hargey (2019) BSc Honours. “A camera-trap survey investigating the use of pools by terrestrial mammals in the non-perennial Prins River system.”
Jody Barends (2019) MSc. “Predicting reptile species distributions and biogeographic patterns within Kruger National Park.”
Matthew Arendse (2018) BSc Honours. “Exploring patterns of latitudinal body size variation: Do vipers exhibit evidence for Bergmann’s Rule?”
Adnaan Emandien (2018) BSc Honours. “Evolution and diversification of dietary preferences within the Viperidae.”
Luvuyo Kani (2018) BSc Honours. “A biogeographical analysis of the distribution of snakes in southern Africa.”
Kim Scholtz (2018) BSc Honours. “Developing a molecular method to quantify the diet of the cross- marked whip snake, Psammophis crucifer.”
Juan-Jacques Forgus (2018) MSc. “Functional diversity and redundancy in a terrestrial tetrapod community.”
Jody Taft (2018) MSc. “Species delineation in the cape whip snake (Psammophis leightoni) group.”
Bryan Cloete (2017) BSc Honours. “The role of vegetation cover on the density and diversity of small mammals in the fynbos biome.”
Zhanelle Moosajie (2017) BSc Honours. “Are feeding guilds conserved in South African snake assemblages?”
Silindokuhle Tokota (2017) BSc Honours. “Does localised extinction change functional diversity of a snake community?”
Jannie Jacobs (2016) BSc Honours. “A comparison between pitfall trapping and artificial cover objects for herpetofaunal sampling efficacy.”
Inshaaf Layloo (2016) BSc Honours. “Diet and feeding in the cape cobra (Naja nivea).”
Caitlin Smith (2016) BSc Honours. “Quantifying the foraging ecology of the boomslang (Dispholidus typus).”