If you are interested in one of the openings below, email me your CV and a letter describing why you are undertaking the degree and why you are interested in the selected project. If you have a different project in mind, which would fit into the overall focus of our lab, email me your CV and a description of the proposed project.
N. nivea in container
Honours Student Projects for 2021
  1. Evaluating the success of snake translocations
    A growing number of studies have evaluated the effect of translocation on snake survivorship. Using a meta-analysis framework, the aim of this project is to quantify broad-scale patterns across the multitude of studies that exist.
Graduate Student Projects
  1. Competition between Cape cobras and boomslang in the Kalahari
    In the Kalahari, Cape cobras and boomslang co-occur and are known to co-utilise sociable weaver nests as a resource. Using radiotelemetry and collected field data, this project aims to address the degree of competition between the two species and the factors that permit coexistence.
  2. Cobras in Coastal Communities
    Cape cobras occur throughout the Western Cape northward into the Northern Cape and southern Botswana and Namibia. The populations occurring at opposite ends of the gradient experience different climatic conditions and resources which may contribute to different natural histories of the two populations.
Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellows are welcome! If you have completed a PhD in herpetology (or zoology) in the last five years and have research ideas that tie into our interests, you are encouraged to contact me to discuss project ideas and fellowship opportunities.